10 February 2008


Sorry I've not been posting here much this week, its been a rather busy week and now the power cable for my iBook has gone and died so I'm posting this short entry from my iPhone.

Yesterday I was at a great conference held by The Good Book company in Portadown. I've been going for 3 years to it now and it just seems to get better every year. Its great biblical teaching and the speakers always give great insight into how to teach biblical truth effectively to children and young people.

This year the theme was based around Moses' Law vs Christ's Law and how grace affects each of them. Unfortunately I could only stay for half the day but got loads out of it. I'll post some of my notes when the new power cable comes in a few days.

Today should be interesting now seeing as all my teaching plans involved things that are on my uncharged and unpowered computer, and also cos I've letters for parents about the trip away next weekend on it that now I can't get printed so I may have to write it all out from memory and photocopy this afternoon. Anyways, say a little prayer that this cable comes by Tuesday so I'll hopefully be back to regular service.


Kate said...

Blogging from your Iphone? You're oh so 21st century!

ruthEbabes said...

Why thank you!

It's amazing how "cool" it is to be "nerdy"!