03 December 2007

Thou shalt not borrow

The title of this post is the title of the story (below) that I've discussed with a couple of groups of young people and was curious to know what some of my blog readers thought about it too.

Rachel volunteers her time at a nursing home. She began serving to get community service hours for school but continued to do it because she enjoys it so much. She has become friends with a number of the residents, but is particularly close to a woman named Agnes. Agnes was nearly 98 years old when Rachel first met her. They've spent lots of time together and when she visits Agnes she reads the Bible to her.

Agnes has nearly died 3 times. All 3 times her busy business man son rushes to be there, but doesn't show up any other time. He has even complained to the nurses for getting him out of work for "no reason."

Agnes told Rachel that when her time comes that she is to keep the Bible for herself.

Agnes passed away in her sleep one night and Rachel found out the next day when she came to visit. She went to Agnes' room and cried. A nurse came in and told her that Agnes' son was on his way and had insisted that "nothing was to be touched" in her room.

Rachel picked up the Bible that Agnes wanted her to have then remembered the son's request. The nurse smiled and said, "If I'm not here I didn't see anything." and walked out of the room.

1. Does the Bible belong to Rachel?
2. What should Rachel do?
3. What's the right thing to do?

Would love some other thoughts on this so please add a comment below.

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