24 December 2007

Christmas Eve

I had tried my hardest to be organised and tried to get a few last minute things yesterday meaning that today could be a relaxing sort of day. The result yesterday being queues in Tesco as soon as it had opened:

However a couple of things popped into my head last night as I was making my second batch of mince pies and so I'm out today to hunt down these bits and pieces, as well as deliver a mince pie to each of the leader's of a youth or children's organisation, as well as get last minute things sorted for the Christmas Eve service, as well as prepare some food for tomorrow as well as write family christmas cards (the only ones i'm doing this year) and so on so forth.

Just before I head out I'm wrapping up the mince pies.

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Shella said...

Hey Ruth, have you sent out mine?? I hope you have.