23 November 2007

Re: Lies damned lies

After reading alan in belfast's post about Tesco clubcard and a mistake they'd made on him. Well this week they've confused me when I've come to use some of my clubcard vouchers this week.... you know the wee vouchers you get for extra points when you buy something specific.

Well earlier in the week I was buying some naan bread and handed the girl at the checkout a voucher I had for extra points when I buy "Bread", but apparently naan BREAD isn't included...... hmmmm. Tonight I was buying some sorbet and had a voucher for extra points when I buy ICE CREAM and thought I'd hand over the voucher seeing as sobet is found beside ice cream in the freezer, and it went through.... I was quite confused. I mean how can naan bread not be bread? And how can sorbet really be ice cream? There's no cream in it for a start!

Maybe tomorrow I should try buying some milk and handing over my voucher for extra points when i buy a CD.

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Alan in Belfast said...

After all, the chief executive of Tesco recently said that when it came to customer service, it wasn't enough to think about customers, Tesco "had to walk in their shoes" ...

Sometimes feels like they're tramping on our toes rather than walking in our shoes.

PS: To keep up the illusion I live in Ipswich, I bought something when I was driving past on Wednesday night!