21 November 2007

NaBloPoMo 21

On Radio 1 today Edith Bowman was talking about celebrities people are tired of seeing and read through some texts people had sent about who they were annoyed with seeing in the news/magazines/tv etc. Someone texted in saying somethign like "have pity on us in Banbridge, Co. Down, we have Chanelle from Big Brother turning our lights on this weekend." I'm not a Big Brother fan so I had to look this girl up to see who she is and found from the Banbridge District site that she's not actually turning the lights on for the town but for The Outlet on 23rd November (as well as opening the ice rink) and that the lights for the town will be switched on by Santa (I think: the website isn't all that clear) on Friday 30th November.

I'll not be able to go to either of them... I'm quite happy to say I'll be working during the outlet thing for a couple of reasons:
1. As I said before I'm not a Big Brother fan so not all that interested in seeing this girl.
2. I decided about 6/7 months ago that I was boycotting the Outlet (I'll maybe explain sometime why)
3. And most importantly.... it'll most likely be cold!!!!! lol

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