14 November 2007

Monthly review 3

I mentioned in last month's review how I was afraid no on was interested in this information, if you are would you add a wee comment, or even if you're not add a comment and I'll work out the future of these posts.
But for those who are interested here are some of the stats (obtained via Google Analytics) from the last month (13th October-12th November 07) concerning this blog with last months numbers in brackets:

1. There have been 414 (442) visits.
a) 248 (261) of those have come via referring sites
b) 141 (154) of those visits are direct traffic
c) 25 (27) of those visits are from search engines

2. Searches that have brought people to this site are:
portadown babes - 4 times
ruthebabes - 3 times
lurgan babes - 2 times
ruth - 2 times
"god pie"
asbo babes
babes portadown
banbridge babes
bebo banbridge night out
debbie mcgee glengormley
debs newtownabbey school teacher
difference between crane and heron
forget bra unifrom blogspot
make unleavened bread
ruth all about me
ruth elkin

I've changed the title to ruth E now thinking that people who end up on my blog looking for "babes" must be really disappointed - however I'm sure they'll probably end up here from the mention of all these searches anyways

3. 383 (398) visits came from the UK
19(36) visits came from the USA
3 (3) visits came from Ireland
2 visits came from Canada
1 visit came from Egypt
1 visit came from Spain
1 visit came from Norway
1 (1) visit came from Romania
1 visit came from New Zealand
1 visit came from France
1 visit came from Singapore

Well that's it, please leave a comment if you think I should keep all this up or not.


Alan in Belfast said...

Can we have a competition to launch the most ridiculous (yet innocent) Google search phrase that ends up on your blog?

Mark said...

I must be weird. I always find this kind of post fascinating.