20 November 2007

I love my local butcher!!!!

I was to get some stuff from the butcher today and was on my way back home from walking Stewie when I realised the time (5.15pm). I called the local butcher and asked what time they closed at and he told me 5.30pm. I said was great, hung up and thought, really in this traffic I won't make it in time. I arrived outside the butcher at 5.35pm and he was still open. I walked in and he asked if it was me who had called. It turns out he had stayed open for me!!! The meat was all packed away for the night but he was more than happy to get me all that I needed and then when it came to paying he rounded the price down to the nearest £!!!!!!

I loved the butcher before but I love him loads more now!!!! Support your local butcher!!!!!!

And check out Just add eggs tomorrow for a new recipe.

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