03 October 2007

One more day to go!!!!

This time tomorrow we'll be in London and starting our delayed honeymoon! I can't wait!!!!!

Today though has been a little rushed.

Well actually to start with I went to get my hair cut, so that wasn't too rushed really... was hoping to have been more drastic with my new hair style however it's much the same as usual only a lot shorter.

After that I went to the church to do a few bits and pieces before I go, however upon arrival I found I didn't have my keys with me, so I headed to the post office to post some things i sold on eBay.

Then I headed to meet some youth leaders in a church near Banbridge to talk to them about ideas and resources we use that could be useful for them as they set up their new youth group.

Rushed home after that, had lunch, then hunted house and car for keys and couldn't find them!!!!!!! Phoned the church warden to see if I'd dropped them last night. He said there were keys left behind last night... sighed a sigh of relief.

Washed dishes then ran out the door back down to church, and here I am now in the church, sitting waiting while things print to give to people before I go and in 15 minutes I'll be headed for a meeting about nightreach in Banbridge.

After that, there's a few bits and pieces to do like delivering some of these print offs, sewing some trousers and finishing off the packing for going.

Oh yeah and cook dinner lol. Just can't wait to be away!

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