21 October 2007

Home again!

We arrived home last night from our holiday. We had a good time away but are glad to be home and getting back to normal again.

Currently have a Sunday roast cooking.... yummmmmm..... we were really missing some food and I was really missing cooking in my kitchen! Heading out shopping for loads of groceries to stock up again tomorrow and get cooking loads this week.

I'm already back into work having been at a youth club last night and at church this morning for Bible Class and so on. This afternoon I'll be getting lots of info sheets sorted to give out tonight for our trip away next week to the MAD weekend.... so much to get stuck into straight away, but I'm glad to be back into it all again.

1 comment:

Colin said...

Back to the grind then, always abit of a bummer having enjoyed a well deserved break. Were taking a group up to MAD for the first time, probably see you up there......