24 October 2007

Circle time

This morning I spent some time delivering posters to advertise the Road Trip training for youth and children's leaders being held in our church on 30th October. I drove round the houses of our leaders of organisations and left some into the local schools for teachers who might be interested. I arrived at Bridge Integrated Primary School and called with a teacher who is a member of our church, it happened to be lunch time so I went to the staff room with her so she could have her break.

We had a chat and a catch up, then she invited me to meet her class, which I thought would be fun so I said yes. We collected her class from the playground and headed into "the room with the interactive whiteboard" - this was sounding way cooler by the minute!

Every Wednesday afternoon they meet together in this room, play a quick game and then talk about different things. Today they were talking about Halloween and how dangerous fireworks, sparklers and matches are. I was really impressed, such a simple and fun idea. I was so sad I never had this at school! But has also given me ideas on how to use this principle better in our children's ministry.

I really should visit schools way more often!

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