12 September 2007

Police are too busy?

I've heard so much recently about the police being too busy to do things. For example a lady in church has called the police several times about vandalism taking place in her street. Another example is a member of the police who was speaking at the Nightreach AGM last weekend who was expressing her thanks to the Nightreach volunteers for what they do because crime has reduced because of it and now they can get to following up on crimes like burglary, vandalism, violence and more because they are so busy.

Well today I decided that I don't buy it. If they're really so busy how come three police officers were walking round Hillsborough lake today at quite a leisurely pace.... in fact Stewie and I had 2 laps done in the time it took them to do almost 1 lap. So next time I hear a police officer say they're too busy, I'll tell them to move to Hillsborough Police Station, they seem to have a lot of time on their hands. I might just apply myself!

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