10 September 2007

Fat weekend

Recently I've been trying to eat healthier and exercise a little more to try and lose a little (emphasis on little) weight. However, this past weekend has been filled with a LOT of eating.... grrrr.

Saturday night, Rob and I went to dinner at Rob's Dad's house with his stepmum and my parents. To start there was crisps, carrot and celery sticks and dips... those crisps were addictive. Then dinner was BBQed chicken breast, potato wedges, green leaf salad, potato salad, coleslaw...... so yum, but think I had too much of that. Then dessert: strawberries, marshmallows, chocolate dipping sauce, lemon roulade, chocolate cheesecake..... i thought i was gonna explode, but again dead yummy.

Then Sunday night was a meal with the church music group seeing as I ocassionally play or sing with them. We all met at Christine's house (she organises the group) where she had put on an amazing spread:
lasagne, quiche, green leaf salad, waldorf salad, orange salad (grated carrots and mandarin segments in orange jelly), green salad (chopped apple, celery etc in green jelly), sliced ham, pineapple, prawns (with thousand island dressing), crisps and dips, scotch eggs, pork pies, bean salad, peanuts, morrocan salad, potato salad and lots more which i'm struggling to think of right now. I had filled my plate and cleaned it then went back for some more..... not realising there was dessert to come too! Dessert: fruit salad, pavlova, bannoffee and pecan roulade. Then there was tea and coffee with little tray bakes and the like! Again I thought i was going to explode.

It was all very impressive, however now I'm feeling the guilt of all that eating after trying to eat sensibly and healthily.... I fear I'll be eating carrot sticks this week lol

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