24 September 2007

Catch up

Oops.... I didn't get time to blog over the weekend. Was a crazy time.

Friday was spent in lots of preparation for work on Sunday, as well as some general admin and making out lots of information sheets.

Saturday Rob and I travelled down to Kilkenny and back to visit family, in particular his brother who is real sick at the minute. I'll not go into online, but if you're the praying type please pray for Jason.
Stewie was left up to Belfast for the day and sounded like he had fun with my sister. Initially when we were picking him up he seemed to forget who Rob and I were. Silly dog.
After all that I was doing nightreach in the town. I had a great time, met so many young people and plenty of them with opinions about a rape that was reported to have happened there on saturday week. After all that I was in bed for about 3.30am

Sunday was filled with lots of work. Youth Breakfast, Bible Class, Church, Xtreme Team (Sunday school for P4-7), quick meeting with boss and grabbing random people about all sorts of things.
Afternoon was spent having a little nap, walk with the dog and some very quick chinese before heading out for the youth rally in Clonduff. The worship leader, Jon Batholomew, was really good, he played a lot of his own songs and made the praise a very reflective time. Really enjoyed the speaker (whose name has escaped me), he kept the message of "You are loved" very simple, very clear but very relevant.

Monday, today, so far i've been relaxing after all that happened over the weekend. Rob has been having fun this morning though as today our new iMac arrived so he's been playing away with it and getting it all prepared for what we'll be using it for.
The rest of today for me should include walking the dog (hope the sun stays for that), getting the shopping in, cleaning the house a bit and starting to sort what's going on holiday with us. But for now I'll chill out a while longer.

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Mark said...

Ooh. New iMac.

Wanting one of those, badly, but funds are the issue...

Much jealousy.