29 September 2007

Building excitement!!!

I've spent some time this morning going over my Sunday School lesson in my head while also getting packed for our delayed honeymoon: it wasn't half confusing! I'm so excited about getting away, I was reading through all our documents for travelling yesterday and I could feel butterflies of excitement in my tummy as I read and now looking at where we're staying on the website I'm getting more excited! I'm even opening up google earth to have a wee look and see if I can find it there!!! I need to try and focus on what needs done before I go, like packing and making sure we have everything we need with us! Rob leaves on Tuesday morning to go to London for training for work, then I'll meet him in London on Thursday once he's done and we leave for Menorca the next morning! Two weeks of sunshine and reading Harry Potter (I know it's bad.... I'm still finishing book 6 but plan to have finished 6 & 7 by the time I get home again).

It looks gorgeous right? I can't wait!

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