20 August 2007


At last! Rob and I have booked our honeymoon! We're heading to a villa in Menorca for 2 weeks in October. I've just looked up the booking and it has a countdown of how many days away it is!!!! 46 days!!!! I can't wait! I've been wanting to get away for ages now! And can't wait for us to have time on our own, just chilling out etc.

I've never been to Menorca, however I was in Majorca when I was much younger, which I just about remember, so it'll be exciting to see a new place. I'll have to look up details for what to do while we're there. I'll also have to get shopping for suncream and so on.

It just feels so good to have this all booked now. All summer everyone has been going away and asking "where are you going?" or "when are you going?" to which I've replied we haven't really any plans which has made them and myself feel all odd in that conversation after they've been boasting about their plans, so it feels so good to at last have it booked.

I'll have to start getting the Johnson's Holiday Skin out and applied so I don't look like a complete milk bottle when I get there!

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