16 February 2011

I'm a Blether

My vlogging on RuthEVlog on YouTube continues...

03 December 2010

02 December 2010

Thank you, webale

During my time in Uganda I got to play some music and learn Lugandan.
Michael, my Ugandan friend urged to to write the rest of the song we wrote... this is the result

23 November 2010

Dear 16 year old self

Inspired by the recent #tweetyour16yearoldself I decided to make a video

Dear 16 year old self...

06 November 2010

21 October 2010

Vlog channel

I've started a vlog channel on YouTube to separate vlog stuff from other videos I make. I'll be posting them here too so here are the first few I've posted.

Go to youtube.com/ruthEvlog

02 October 2010

Geocaching - Alice in Wonderland

Clue: when I fell down the RABBIT HOLE I was amazed to see the MAD hatter sitting on a THRONE, he gave me cake that made me very SMALL to go on my search...

22 September 2010

In colour by Hey!Hi!Hello!

This was a music video collaboration between 2 girls from my youth group and me.

Yet again I'm out in Banbridge in pyjamas for the third time ever... you would think I liked wearing PJs in public but I know it ain't a normal thing... unlike some....

21 September 2010

NI Gurls Media Interest

BBC Radio Ulster Interview...

NI Gurls Video Follow up???

09 September 2010

Vote for me in the Hillsong Live Music Video Comp!

Vote for me in the Hillsong Live Music Video Comp!
Rate "Ruth Elkin" as 5 stars please!

Full Time YAC Workers Day